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love next door

February 15, 2012

I like to stay on the designated trails, heehee, and I love how this one looks like it's turning into a river...

Next door to Shollenberger Park is the Ellis Creek Water Recycling facility. That means the wastewater treatment plant, but you would never know it. It’s a beautiful public wetlands park too and is the same size as Shollenberger.

Environmental Artist Patricia Johanson designed the entire place and it is beautiful. The wetland park serves as the last polishing wetlands for the water, after initial treatment. There are winding trails through multiple habitats, where one can see so many birds! There are elevated berms from which to see tidal marsh landscapes and mountain landscapes to the other side, and layers of beauty near and far. Not all elements of her design have been implemented yet, but I know eventually they all will be, including a curved teaching amphitheatre and wildlife viewing blinds. Winter is my favorite time of year for landscapes, and this place is spectacular!

Scott and I took a Valentine’s Stroll through the park while Lukas and the babysitter were busy making cardboard cars at home. We enjoyed some of the last rays of today’s winter sun.

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