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an unaccomplished day

February 16, 2012

chaos in the ark, time for a mellow day

Some days I feel like doing nothing. Today was one of those days. Fortunately for me, it seemed like Lukas agreed. He was a little wacky this morning and so he seemed in need of calm. We just sat by the fire and read books for a while. Well, I read a book and soon he was on the couch reading his own (until 20 or 30 minutes later when he wanted me to play “shoot things at each other out of a cardboard tube”). Then some playing with his animals and with crafts. Next, we went to our friend’s house for a mellow ukelele lesson and then played at Lydia’s Sunflower Center, the raw foods place that has a great kids’ area. Then home to make a relaxing comfort lunch of kale, sweet potato and mushrooms.

In the afternoon, he went to gramma’s house for a couple hours, and enjoyed undivided attention, craft time and frolics in the rose garden. I spent most of the afternoon reading my book under the apple tree. When he arrived home, we made raspberry crisp. While it baked, we ate more kale stirfry for dinner, and chamomile tea (like Peter Rabbit) then ate the hot raspberry crisp with yogurt before bedtime.

Sometimes, you just have to give in and not accomplish much. It ends up being a really satisfying day.

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