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best intentions

February 20, 2012


The winner of Friday’s giveaway, the Bliss Filled Mama: Self Care for Soulful Mothering ebook, is: Helena! Helena, let me know the email where you would like Kathy to send the ebook. Enjoy!

And speaking of nourishing yourself…I try not to think about it when I see these photos of our 4 year old going down concrete slides in San Francisco on pieces of cardboard… because I am having my day off.

Today I do some serious space clearing and meditation while they are out. I meet with a friend in the morning and have some coffee, trying to get rid of a raging headache that I’ve had since Saturday. I end up canceling all the rest of my plans for the day because of this headache.

Then it turns out that the headache only goes away when I actually start organizing the craft room. This is a room I have been procrastinating decluttering for two years and I guess it was time. I started this e-course to help me work on it. Can you tell I’m into e-courses lately?

I learned something new during this process, that it is not enough to just clean. You also need to set an intention for your place. There are many ways of doing this, you can say to yourself what your intention is, you can build a little altar to remind yourself, you can smudge the room or any other thing you can think of to maintain your intention.

I also really looked at the room and decided what needed to go and what needed to stay. I decided that all the family photos are great in and of themselves, but I’m taking most of them down and adding them in new places and making an album of the others. I loved having them up while they were there and now I will love them in their new locations!

Sometimes you don’t even know what you are done with until you decide to take a really good look. And it can be more complicated than just tossing things or keeping them, because it’s not like I don’t like my family photos. They just belong in a different spot now. This happened with a number of things. I am far from done, but this room feels like a place I can use now.

And the boys ended up missing their ferry home and had to stay for the next one so they didn’t come home until after 7pm! It was an unexpected luxury to have the house to myself in the evening. SO great! And I was SO happy to see them when they arrived home!

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