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Adventures on Father-Sun-day

February 27, 2012

on top of mount tam...

Sacha at the bottom of the waterfall

Yesterday was father-son day again… So my good friend Sacha and I were off to the mountaintop!

I read in A Seasonal Guide to The Natural Year, Northern California that there are waterfalls on Mount Tamalpais that one can hike past this time of year. So we set off to find them. The book is great at sending people out on adventures but wasn’t very good with directions, and did we have a map? No, of course not, so we were a bit lost most of the time but didn’t care and four miles later we indeed found the waterfalls!

The day was magical and though it seemed as if things were constantly not unfolding according to our loose plan, it didn’t matter.

Maybe this is a memory from before kids, when nothing had to be planned. Maybe this is an inspiration to be more improvisational with plans even with kids. The fact was, we were warm enough in the forest, cool enough in the meadows, were wearing good shoes, had great food, spending just the right amount of time and we saw the waterfalls we intended to see. (Even if we hadn’t, it would have been great!)

having a snack

down the steps

I am thinking that with kids too, as long as we have food, water, warm clothes (and the ever-present benedryl and epi-pen) that we are pretty good to go anywhere, now that naptime has been ceased for a while. Well, maybe not anywhere. I do remember thinking, no actually saying out loud. “Wow its great to walk for a long time and not hear a voice saying ‘carry me!'” Heehee, as much as I do love that gleeful little voice.

atlantis/san francisco

The city looked like Atlantis rising behind the mountain and in front of the Bay on our way home. Meanwhile, south of the mountain, during the heart of father-son day, Lukas and dada were at the SF airport. Oh yes, the little guy convinced Scott to take him to the airport. The international terminal. They ran all around and rode the monorail and L had a meltdown when Scott wouldn’t buy tickets to go somewhere, heeheehee! He was interested in New Zealand, of course.

Could our days have been more different? One completely isolated from the natural world, one immersed totally into it. Yet, we all experienced a change and a feeling of freedom from routine that feeds into the rest of the week, the rest of our lives really. Ah yes, father-son day really is a great idea.

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