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February 28, 2012

parts of a violin

Lukas likes to draw but he is really becoming interested in making the things themselves too. The other day he drew a picture of all the parts of a violin that you would need to make one, including the body, the neck, strings, the “box of sound” the tuners, glue and a saw, among other things. Hilarious!

He also has begun to cut up his drawings and assemble them into these sculptures of other things. Whatever he’s doing, he’s pretty into it!


One thing I strive for is to not criticize, make suggestions or even praise his work. I want him to be satisfied with his work himself and not to try to accumulate external approval with his interests. As it is, so far, he keeps evolving what he is doing and doesn’t feel a need to draw the same thing over and over to gain a compliment. Or not draw something because I keep suggesting he add a propeller or whatever. It’s not to say I can’t ask him to tell me about the drawing, which he is only too happy to do. Or sometimes not. And that’s OK too! Making factual statements engages him, like “there are a lot of lines over here”. And they don’t carry judgment.

I don’t always succeed in this, sometimes I can’t help but say, “I love that airplane!” but I continue to practice watching him unfold his own life and enjoying his own talents, on his own terms.

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