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egg days

April 9, 2012

checking the basket

Easter, the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Such an involved way to calculate a holiday! Ssaturday, we colored eggs, and updated the Spring nature table. Then Sunday, at 6am, a small four year year old pops awake and says, clearly, “I wonder if the easter bunny came” I say, “hmmmmfffhhm, maybe, probably, why don’t you go see?” and he leaps and excitedly discovers his basket where gluten and nut free chocolate awaits, along with a bunch of fun toys.


seasonal table

Next, over to gramma and grampa’s house, where the rabbit has also stopped and then over across the way to the big egg hunt.

hunting with grampa

It’s become an Easter tradition, the annual Egg Hunt out at Todd’s ranch. Dozens of kids line up at the fence, littles in front, and they all take off searching in the grassy field for what seems like millions of eggs hidden so even the youngest can find a basketful. We see old and new friends and enjoy the sunshine this year. Afterwards, back at the hunting room, (where the walls are covered with animal heads, large and small) everyone enjoys drinks and a potluck. Love seeing people I haven’t seen since last year, and neighbors from my childhood days. We’re so grateful for these communities of friends and family!

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