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gardening to china

April 16, 2012

Every week, L goes out to my childhood home to hang out with the grandparents. This week, grampa decided to start the spring garden, so they planted artichokes and onions and who knows what else. Lukas wondered if the hole was going to go all the way to China. He’s been really into that idea lately. (I think the most direct route technically takes you to Africa, another place of interest for L) The other day though, he decided that he’d take a plane there instead because “if you were digging to China and you got to the fire in the middle of the earth, then ouch.” Heehee! I love living with a little kid!

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  1. October 16, 2012 12:48 pm

    lol. this reminds me of when i was a kid and thought i could dig a hole to china. i use to garden with my grandma and it was the best time!

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