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napa ice cream shop

April 18, 2012

napa is known for its ice cream

I love the light coming down from the pendant lamps in this drawing. Scott took L to an ice cream shop in Napa a few weeks ago, and later this drawing of his experience in the shop appeared! The people on the right are heading to a faucet where they can add whipped cream to their sundaes. For some reason L is obsessed with Napa and always wants to go there…

L has been experimenting with letters lately, not exactly what I expected since we lean toward the waldorf, “don’t read and write until first grade” philosophy. The idea is to develop the right brain/imagination sufficiently first before altering the brain irrevocably with writing patterns, which use a totally different part of the brain.

But, that said, if he’s into it and it’s who he is, we’ll go with it. He copies words he sees around the house, Straus from the yogurt container, for example, heehee! And he is constantly saying “what did I write?” after doing conglomerations of letters and wanting to see if we can read them. He will fill whole pages with letters and words, then head back to drawing again. Then go build an airport. Then plant a bamboo stick in the lawn. Then demand to go to Napa. Such is the life of a kid.

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