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books to read

The First 1000 Days (A baby book) Nikki McClure
A sweet baby book with gorgeous woodcuts by Nikki McClure. I love it because you can just keep writing in it and it isn’t too regimented like some baby books are, where you forget to fill things in and then you have other things to say with no place to say them. This book would make a great baby shower gift (I received mine as a shower gift!)

The Creative Family Amanda Soule
What a wonderful book! Amanda Soule’s blog is infinitely inspiring and her book is a great reminder that creativity can be everyday. One chapter recommends using quality art supplies so the kids need not struggle with inferior supplies that don’t work as well. If I just took one thing away, that would be it. I have also made the kid pants that are crafted from old T-Shirts and I love them on my little guy. I like that the projects are all very simple and beautiful, harkening back to days when people enjoyed each other and simple things.

First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos MaryAnn Kohl

Graceful Parenting Eve Dreyfus

Everyday Blessings Myla Kabat-Zinn and Jon Kabat-Zinn

You Are your Child’s First Teacher: What Parents Can Do With and For Their Children from Birth to Age Six Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Natural Learning Rhythms Josette and Sambhava Luvmour

Finding your Inner Mama Eden Steinberg

Make Your Place—Affordable Sustainable Nesting Skills Raleigh Briggs
A useful and beautiful book, all handwritten and hand drawn about making natural first aid supplies, cleaning supplies, and how to garden. Info on what plants help with what and how to make the into tinctures, salves, etc. Also good accurate info on natural cleaning. I knew a lot of these things already but she has added lots of new information I didn’t know, plus I really love having it all in one handy place in a book that is the perfect size!

The Opinionated Knitter Elizabeth Zimmerman
This book is a reproduction of 10 years of newsletters Zimmerman sent out about knitting, including patterns and her own wonderful musings about life. I immediately began on a pillbox hat and feel somehow connected to her now through making it!

The Knitter’s Almanac Elizabeth Zimmerman
12 projects—one for each month of the year by the always amazing Elizabeth Zimmerman! Patterns from Aran sweaters to  baby leggings, to hats, mittens, shawls and socks. And of course her stories pepper the book, drawing you in to a life of beauty and appreciation. I made the leggings for Lukas and they fit perfectly using her meaurement techniques!

Bend the Rules Sewing Amy Karol

Wild Fermentation Sandor Ellix Katz

Doodle Stitching Aimee Ray
This is the first book that started me on the home making binge I am on right now. I made a bunch of cloth napkins with little simple floral designs and we use them all the time. I really like seeing them on our table!

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