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spring into sewing

April 5, 2012

knit top from sew camp

Last spring I took an online sewing class called the Backwoods Mama Spring Sew Camp. It is Spring again and for Spring and I am recommending it to all of you! Our sewing teacher Kathy interviewed me recently on her blog about the class, if you’d like to know more.

bloomin' bloomers

It is a totally self-paced class, so even home-bound mamas can participate! (Or those who don’t have time for a regular class for any other reason) My favorite part was learning to sew with knits on a regular sewing machine. All the patterns are easy to understand and there are videos and posts to explain everything. Then you can upload photos of your creations to the group flickr set. It’s fun to see what everyone else did.

The community feeling of doing something in common with others interested in the same thing is almost as good as if it were real life. And it sort of is real life, because although every participant was from some far corner of the globe, they are all real people. I highly recommend Backwoods Mama Spring Sew Camp, even if you live in town, like us!


baby bird bibs

April 3, 2012

reversible, I love the French Alice in Wonderland fabric

My Paris roommate from college days just had twins, a boy and a girl. She’s all the way in New York City, but one thing I can do is make and send these ultra-functional bibs. They cover the entire front of the body of an eating toddler and you could probably fit two babies under one of them. (doubling as swaddling blankets…)

the bird bibs

for twins...

I found this beautiful French version of Alice in Wonderland fabric, which is maybe a little girlish but not really. And puppy fabric that might be boyish but not really. Red and white are always fine for everyone and who doesn’t like a little embroidered bird? Truly the little embroidered birds were my favorite part of the making and of the final product.

Our four year old model, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

I made two of these for Lukas when he was about one year old and they are all he’s ever needed for mealtimes. Just the two bibs, and he still uses them, three times a day. They are reversible so if one side is a little dirty, you can just use the other side… It’s really like four bibs. Here he is modeling a new bib over his down vest, quite a look…

Congratulations to my wonderful friend, those babies are amazing!

{this moment}

March 29, 2012


Inspired by Soulemama {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

I do not know their name

March 28, 2012

these smell amazing

the boy agrees

hello little friend

Spring is here and with it are the flowers that smell really amazing that I do not now the name of. I feel like I’m in a tropical paradise when their scent wafts past. Even with all this rain, the second the sun comes out, there they are again with their fragrant communication. I love the look on Lukie’s face when he checks out a flower, like it’s his little baby!

tasty bites

March 26, 2012

a rainbow of tastiness!

We have been cooking lots of tasty things over here thanks to Heather’s class, but one of the best has been the simplest: Roasted Vegetables.

Chop up a couple rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets and fennel bulbs (and maybe a garlic head too) and roast in an oven for 30 minutes at 425 with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Stir them halfway through. Then you can add some sliced mushrooms and roast for 20 more minutes. You can add more olive oil afterwards mixed with chopped garlic and maple syrup or leave them plain. So delicious.

gluten free quesadillas

Another favorite are these gluten-free quesadillas made with home-cooked black beans and mashed sweet potatoes. They are just so good with a little guacamole and salsa.

Since we stay home and cook a lot, it has been wonderful to learn some new ideas from such a knowledgeable mentor. I am grateful to have access to such good food from our local farmers, and also to learn how to use it in as many healthful ways as possible!

vernal equinox

March 21, 2012

In our excitement over the equinox yesterday, there was not a single photo taken!

In the morning, we made raspberry bars, (snack treat from the cooking class) then headed over to green string farm to pick up squash and greens. Here, Lukas began helping the interns build a path out of recycled concrete leading to the little playhouse (OK, the two story playhouse) An hour and a half passed by before I called lunchtime.

At lunch, we made a vegetable stir fry and I took a nap while Lukas drew pictures. Then we met a friend at a café with her two boys. The five of us wandered over to the River Heritage Center and spent the rest of the day “fishing” and meandering (and running) around McNear peninsula.

In honor of the fishing expedition, we had fish for dinner. No seeds were planted, our gardens were not worked in, but we were outside most of the day, a great way to spend the equinox!


March 20, 2012

It’s Springtime! We can feel it warming up and being windy. A huge tree fell over in the park next to our house the other day there was so much wind. And dandelions are out, and little green shoots are appearing from the ground. Today we are planning on planting some seeds and checking out what spring has to offer, and what we can offer, this year.

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